Why Buy a Used Porsche 911

Why buy a used Porsche?

Buying a Used Porsche 911 is a Great Deal

Buying used always comes with its own pitfalls. No warranty, not knowing what the previous owner did or did not maintain on the car, what gremlins lurk about. But the beauty of buying a used Porsche, especially a used Porsche 911 has alot of logical points.

Here are some great reasons why you would want to buy a used Porsche:

  • These are German cars. Porsches, especially the older models like the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s Porsches were made by hand. These cars earned the reputation of solidly German built cars. Even this century model cars, while now built by machines as much as man, are very solidly built cars and can last a lifetime. There is a reason why Porsche guesses that close to 80% of all their cars are still on the road today. Think about that. The worst quality rated Porsche 911 was probably the Porsche 996.
  • Resale values. While most cars are depreciating assets, some Porsches are not. In fact, air-cooled Porsche 911s are entering a appreciating curve right now, with some models going for the same price as new or above. Air-cooled 911s are the Porsche SC, Porsche 3.2, Porsche 964 and the Porsche 993.
  • These are sport cars. Porsche are different from other sport cars or sporty model cars (like the ones from Bavaria). These cars can be driven everyday but on the weekend you can easily take it to the track as-is. They have all the parts and technology to be a track car, even the rotors and brakes. Try that with a BMW M3.
  • The Porsche 911 is an icon. Name one car that has the same evolutionary design for 50 years. Name one car that has the engine BEHIND the rear wheels. Yep, its only the Porsche 911. Once you drive a Porsche 911, either a air-cooled car or water-cooled car, you’re get why the Porsche 911 is so beloved by their owners and potential owners.

And thats where we get to the clutch of why buying a used Porsche 911 is such a great deal. Most of the time Porsche owners take care of their cars. They maintain it and know the in-and-outs. Buying a used Porsche is not going to be rocket-science. You will be able to find many knowledgable people and websites and books that will explain what to look for, how to judge and more important what to pay for a used Porsche car. Our site is a helpful guide when you start your search for a used Porsche 911 (or other Porsches), and we recommend used Porsches for sale everyday.

As someone who brought numerous used Porsche cars – both the 911 and other models, let me confirm that you will be happy and content in knowing that you brought a car, while used, has so much charm, charisma, dynamism and a following that is unlike any other car brand out there today.

Good luck hunting.


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