Porsche 911 for Sale – 1997 – 993 Black on Tan

We have a beautiful 1997 Porsche 993 Carrera for sale on Ebay. There is no ‘buy it now’ but an open auction with an reserve.

The nice thing about this car is the mileage – only 26k miles. Its black exterior on tan interior and is pretty standard except for a funky front spoiler. In the photos this car looks extremely clean especially the interior.

From the owner –

This car is in excellent condition and is able to be driven home. The car only has 26462 miles and has no real flaws. To find a 993 in this condition is very difficult. The value of this car will continue to rise not fall, as long as the car is maintained as it has been since 1999. Has all of the features extended to the 993 in 99. A must have car that will make you smile every time you sit in the seat. If you demand quality this car will deliver.

So there you go – want quality? Buy this car.

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