2012 Porsche 911 GTS for sale – white

Porsche created an instant classic in 2011 with the Porsche 911 GTS. Basically while some may think it was simply a marketing ploy from Porsche, the sum of the parts came out better then the pieces. The basic premise of a Porsche 997 GTS is you get a Porsche 911 Carrera S with all the best options, for a price much lower then if you brought them a la carte. But what Porsche added to the mix was some tuning and special features which makes the Porsche 997 GTS the best handling and driving Porsche 997 outside of the GT3.

First they added the powerkit option so you get 30 more HP then the standard Porsche 997.2 S. Then you added a specially tuned suspension (the sports suspension option lowers the car by 20 mm from the standard car) to the mix and you get what many people say is the best handling Porsche 997.2 ever made.

And for final result, Porsche added special exterior trim to the car so you know its special. This includes a wider hip that usually comes on the Turbo and 4-wheel drive cars – remember rear-wheel drive with wider hips always says ‘special’ in the Porsche 911 world. Included is Porsche GTS markings on the side to make sure people know what you got.

This car is a special model. With very low mileage and Carrera White exterior, this car dazzles. This car also comes with PDK. Its a 1-owner car with a very clean Carfax as well.

These cars are very rare and made in limited numbers. And they are definitely holding their values very well like the rest of the Porsche 997.2 lineup. If you’re looking, this one looks great.

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