2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S with PDK Transmission

For those who are Porsche fans, which I’m assuming most of you are, you know this model is superb in all the right areas. This 2011 Porsche 911 Turbo S is the best Turbo you can buy and comes equipped with the all powerful PDK transmission matched to an All Wheel Drive system. In terms of its exterior the car comes fashioned with a brown exterior with a cool blue/black interior giving it a sleek look to add to it’s strong driving capabilities.

And with the Turbo S, Twin Turbo engine gets an extra power output of 530 HP, giving you most powerful daily driving performance known to man. To seal the deal the the dealership has add a Porsche approved certified pre-owned limited warranty that will cover 100% of the material and labor costs in case of any problems. The car is now waiting for a test drive at the Porsche of South Shore dealership in Freeport, New York so schedule your visit now or the car may be gone if you decide to wait.

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2011 Porsche Turbo S- Front Angle View


2011 Porsche Turbo S- Back Angle View

2011 Porsche Turbo S- Interior View