2007 Porsche 997 Turbo – Great Deal

I usually don’t recommend cars with accident reports but I find this car pretty enticing and I’ll tell you why. First off we have a 1-owner (original owner who had it for 10 years) 2007 Porsche 997 Turbo in Altas-Grey and black interior. Its a manual and it has pretty low miles, around 50,000. So you have 1 great optioned and looking Porsche 997 Turbo. Whats the catch? The catch is that it was in an accident in 2013, which the owner acknowledges. But it was fixed by a quality shop in the area and he has been driving it care-free since.

From the owner:

My car was in accident in 2013 when I was run off the road by a driver who decided to turn into a mall entrance from the second right lane on Rte 4 in New Jersey causing me to swerve to avoid a collision. My car hit the curb with both front tires. It suffered no structural damage to the frame, but had front light, front bumper, and front undercarriage damage as a result. Manhattan Motorcars fixed all issues and delivered a clean car back to me within 4 weeks

The other issue is the front bumper. It currently has a scratch from a parking lot accident.

The front driver’s side bumper was brushed by another vehicle when parked (seems like it might have been a pick-up truck, but I wasn’t there when it happened). So, ultimately, you’ll probably want to get that addressed, which may cost you up to $2,000 if you choose to replace the entire bumper

The owner has all the records for the car and has taken care of all the maintenance issues during his ownership.

Due to the accident report and the current state of the bumper the owner is selling this car at a low low price of $45,000.00. Even if you consider the accident (and definitely get it checked out with a Pre-Purchase Inspection if you are planning to buy the car), and the current state of the bumper that is a cheap price for a 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo. And considering that this is an original 1-owner car, and the owner seem to have taken care of the car minus the accidents, I would definitely check out the car if I was in the market for one.

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