1994 Porsche 968 Coupe – Silver

Something is up in the waters, alot of Porsche 968 for sale at this time. I notice that around end of winter, before spring great Porsche 968 come up for sale. Here is another great example.

Originally named the Porsche 944 S3, Porsche spent some much time updating the Porsche 944 S2 back in 1992. There was so much internal engineering done that they changed the name during launch as the Porsche 968.

The main feature of the car was the 3.0 liter 4-cylinder engine which produced 236 hp. At that time it was the biggest 4 cylinder engine ever made. And with modern technologies like Vario-Cam, it scooted. 0-60 times were a tick under 6.0 seconds. It still carried the legendary 944 balance and handling. Engine in front, transmission in the back lead to a very equal weight balance and close to 3,000 lbs it was a light car.

But the biggest downfall was the pricing. Due to market conditions Porsche released the 968 at $60,000.00 USD which is close to $100,000 USD today with inflation. This was for an entry level Porsche with only a 4-cylinder engine. Obviously it bombed in the market and Porsche ended the 968 run in 1995. Only 3,000 came to the USA in both coupe and convertible models.

With all of this, what you have is a hell of a sports car that hasn’t been hit yet by mass appreciation. The Porsche 968 today is still a great sports car. It handles wonderfully and has a German feel and quality that is hard to buy today for its price point.

Which leads us to this model. A beautiful low mileage 1994 Porsche 968 in silver. It has tons of records and the current owner seem to took care of the big ticket issues including  the timing belt. The beauty of this model is that it has the desirable limited-slip-differential (LSD) or option 220. It also has tons of aftermarket goods but done in a good way. This is including front Koni Sports, rear Bilstein HD, RS Barn chip and RS Barn cat back exhaust. It even has Bridgestone RE-11s which are the best tires you can get today. Only con, if you want to say its a con, it wears Porsche 997 wheels. If you’re into the time-capsule look of the Porsche 968 you probably want the original 17-inch Cup IIs.

But overall a great car for a great price.

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